We Are Not A Typical Double Glazing Company

Typical double-glazing companies tend to use hard-sell tactics to encourage the replacement of your old window and door units for new ones. However, individual components on your windows and doors such as glass, hinges, vents and seals can be replaced without the need to change the entire window or door unit. Many double-glazing companies will not offer this bespoke door and window refurbishment service because they find this overly time consuming and less profitable.






What do we mean by refurbishment?

Window refurbishment can be as effective, yet cheaper than window replacement, re-instating your units to industry standard. Our innovative door and window refurbishment solution can help improve the energy performance asset rating on your home, helping you save money on energy bills. Your home should feel warmer and your windows and doors will look clean, fresh and functional as well.






What Sets Us Apart?

At Clear 2 See we offer an alternative solution to your typical double-glazing company. As a window refurbishment specialist, we assess all the components of your windows and doors. We have established, that in most cases, the actual window and door units are perfectly sound and stable.

However, secondary components such as glass, seals, gaskets, hinges and restrictors may have become worn over time. Secondary components all work together to provide a window or door unit that is energy efficient, reduces noise, and improves security. Secondary components such as glass, can be upgraded with modern equivalents making your windows and doors more energy efficient. The overall cost of refurbishment can be significantly cheaper than replacing your window and door units outright.




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