Questions About Our Door And Window Refurbishment Solution


Q: What’s the difference between refurbishment and replacement?

A: Refurbishment involves the replacement of double-glazed glass (the IGU) AND the replacement of any defective secondary component. Secondary components include hinges, handles, air vents, gaskets, seals, wedges, keeps and restrictors. Typically, glass that has become foggy or misty is considered compromised and therefore inefficient and will need to be replaced. Please note, the refurbishment process does not include the replacement of the window or door frame. It relates to the replacement of glass and secondary components only. We do not remove or replace window or door frames. Where it is identified the frame needs replacing, you will be advised to contact a double-glazing retailer.

Q: Some of my double-glazed windows are misty and wet on the inside of the glass. Do I need to have my entire window replaced, e.g. the frame as well?

A: No. In our experience, most failed insulated glass units (IGU’s) can be replaced with the same glass or upgraded glass without replacing the frame. The advantage here, is that you can benefit from better-quality double-glazed glass than you had to begin with, and all without replacing the frame. Most double-glazing companies will try and persuade you to have your entire window/door replaced with new windows. The drawback for you is that replacement is more expensive than refurbishment and is not always necessary.

Q: How long is your quote valid for?

A: Our quote is valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

Q: Do you replace double glazing windows?

A: No, we only refurbish UPVC, Wood or Aluminium windows and doors.

Q: How long will it take to refurbish my windows & doors?

A: This is entirely dependent upon the number of window and door units in your home and the degree of work required per unit. We are better able to inform you of work timescales post initial survey and as part of the quotation.

Q: Will you remove my old insulated glass units (IGU’s)?

A: Yes. All IGU’s (double glazed glass) and waste material from the refurbishment process will be taken away by the refurbishment team.

Q: Do you need to put up scaffolding?

A: No. Most double-glazing glass is removed from the inside and therefore does not require external scaffolding. However, we will make the necessary assessment during our visit.

Q: What type of windows do you refurbish?

A: We offer the refurbishment process across uPVC, wood, aluminium, double and triple glazed windows & doors.

Q: Is it possible to order spare sets of keys or replacements?

A: Yes. If we cannot supply replacement keys because locks and handles are no longer available, then we will give you the option to have the locks or handles replaced with new ones.

Q: What should I expect from your `free no obligation survey’?

A: Our Surveyor will assess each window and door in your property and ascertain if refurbishment or replacement is appropriate. The Surveyor will explain all the options available to you including the benefits and disadvantages of using standard, upgraded or custom replacement glass and how this affects your efficiency rating, including additional savings you could make on your energy bills. If after the survey, you decide you would like to proceed with our service, we will provide you with a `free no-obligation quotation.’

Q: What if I decide I don’t need your services after your free quotation?

A: We are small unique business built on customer endorsement. We do not believe in a `hard sell’ policy and want you to be happy and informed about the double-glazing process and the products available to you.

Q: What is the process after I decide to proceed with your quotation?

A: In most cases we will not need to come back to your property to do any additional survey. Our Surveyor will have obtained the necessary details/measurements during the initial visit. If you decide to proceed, we will finalise the quote. This will include: • Providing you with a breakdown of each item to be replaced: • Confirmation of installation timescale • A date to begin installation

Q: Do I have to pay the full amount detailed in the quotation when I order?

A: No. A deposit of 30% of the quotation price is required at the point you decide to proceed with quote. The remaining balance is payable upon completion of work.






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