Window and Door Refurbishment

At Clear 2 See we provide a bespoke door and window refurbishment solution for your uPVC, aluminium, and wood window and door units. We focus on the components that make up your window or door units such as glass, restrictors, seals, gaskets, locks, handles, keeps and vents. We advise on the components that need replacing which will restore your window and door units back to its factory standards. This means you have an alternative option to replacing your window and door units rather than replacing them outright with new ones which can be expensive.



The most common problems we see every day are:


Condensation in windows

Misty & Foggy Glass

Foggy or misty glass condensation that has built up in-between the glass and can't be cleaned. This is an indication that the actual glass unit has failed and can no longer keep the heat inside your home.

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Broken or defective hinge

Broken or Defective Hinges

Windows and doors which do not open correctly due to misaligned or worn restrictors, hinges, keeps and glass.

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Bad window seal and gasket.

Seals & Gaskets

Air leakage (drafts) around your window and door frames caused by perished seals and gaskets. These increases heating costs in the long run because the heating is on for longer than necessary.

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Broken door and window handle

Locks & Handles

Door handles should be easy to open and close, and locks should be smooth to lock and unlock. These components deteriorate over time depending on usage and can stop your windows and doors from opening and closing correctly, leading to further problems mentioned above.

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Window vent in need of fixing

Window Vents

Window vents provide a natural source of ventilation and reduce the build-up of moisture in your property. Broken or defective vents can lead to condensation build-up on your windows. This leads to a further strain on your double-glazing glass and can be the cause of insulated glass units failing in the longer term.

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The Latest Glass Technology To Improve Your Home's EPC Ratings

During our free onsite survey, we also advise on how you can take advantage of the latest glass technology and improve your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings. This is a rating from A - G which every home and flat in the UK has been assigned. A common misconception we hear from our customers is that they are told they need to replace their existing window and door units to improve their EPC ratings. However, this is not true. Upgrading the glass in your window and door units to the latest modern glass will allow you to improve the ratings associated with your home, consequently reducing your overall heating bills. We will advise you of the different types of glass available for your existing units and how each type will improve your energy efficiency.






Save Money With Door And Window Refurbishment

We believe that the refurbishment of your existing windows and doors is much cheaper than replacing them outright for new ones. Most of our customers have windows and doors which were originally installed more than 15-20 years ago and typically only have a few windows and doors units that need attention. Replacing them with new ones forces them to replace all their windows and doors because the same types are no longer available.







Are your windows or doors showing their age?

Contact us to learn more about how you can save money by refurbishing your windows or doors.


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