Comprehensive Door And Window Refurbishment Service

At Clear 2 See, we provide a comprehensive door and window refurbishment service for your windows and doors. We believe that windows and doors function efficiently when all individual components such as glass, restrictors, hinges, handles, locks, vents seals and gaskets all work in harmony. If any of these components are worn or defective, this can have an adverse effect on other components, making your windows and doors less efficient.




Misty Or Foggy Glass

Insulating glass (IG), more commonly known as double glazing (or double-pane, and increasingly triple glazing/pane), consists of two or three glass windowpanes separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat transfer. The following explains the common reasons why insulated glass fails and become misty and foggy:

  • Seals and gaskets breaking down from exposure to water.
  • Excess heat - heat causes the panes to expand and contract, and it softens and weakens the seals until they develop a crack in their spacer and allow moist air into the sealed unit.
  • Old age - even the most elastic, flexible seals and gaskets can’t last forever. Eventually, seals and gaskets will allow moisture to enter the window.
  • Incorrect fitting – placing glass on blocks or spacers reduces the exposure to water.

The failure of an insulated glass unit (IGU) will have an impact on other insulated glass units in the same window or door unit. This will lead to a loss of heat and a build up of moisture on the inside of the glass. It’s common for our customers to say that their heating bills have risen considerably because their heating is on much longer periods. This is a direct result of a failed insulated unit which allows heat to escape.

When windows fog and fail, the only viable option is replacement. It’s extremely difficult to separate the old panes, clean them up and reseal them again: The glass becomes “etched” from minerals in the moist air, the old seals are difficult to remove in order to get a tight new seal and a repair is just not cost effective. At this point, replacement is the only option.

During our onsite survey we advise our customers on the different types of insulated glass (IG) that is available. This can be a direct replacement or upgraded glass that meets the latest technology standards and reduces energy costs (heating bills).

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Misty Or Foggy Glass 1

Misty Or Foggy Glass 2

Misty Or Foggy Glass 3

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Misty Or Foggy Glass 5

Misty Or Foggy Glass 6

Misty Or Foggy Glass 7


Broken or defective hinges

Damaged or worn hinges are usually the most common contribution to leakages and draughts, and hinder the natural smooth opening and closing of windows. Forcing windows and doors to open or close impacts other components such as glass stability and misalignment of keeps and locking mechanisms. This repetitive process eventually stops the window or door operating completely.

We provide replacement and upgraded hinges and restrictors that ensure your windows and doors are back to their original standard if not better.

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Broken Or Defective Hinges 1

Broken Or Defective Hinges 2

Broken Or Defective Hinges 3

Broken Or Defective Hinges 4

Broken Or Defective Hinges 5

Broken Or Defective Hinges 6


Locks and Handles

Handles provide the right aesthetics to your windows and doors while locks provide the essential security. Worn or damaged handles become harder to operate and diminishes the overall look and feel of doors and windows units. This contributes to other components on your window and door units failing and can lead to a complete breakdown.

Damaged locks are a security concern and can lead to other issues. Components such as hinges and restrictors can also become damaged restricting the opening and closing of your windows and doors.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation and recommend the correct replacement or upgrade for locks and handles restoring the functionality and aesthetics back to your existing windows and door units.

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Fix Locks And Handles 1

Fix Locks And Handles 2

Fix Locks And Handles 3

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Seals and Gaskets

When a window or door is closed, the seal and gasket acts as a barrier keeping wind, water and noise out. However, a perished seal or gasket will not be able to provide this function effectively, resulting in damage to other components as well. These failures also lead to a loss of heat and the build-up of moisture on insulated glass (IG) units, causing them to eventually fail.

Our refurbishment process includes recommendations on new seals and gaskets. These replacements ensure your windows and doors are water, wind, noise and vibration free.

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damaged Seals And Gaskets 1

damaged Seals And Gaskets 2

damaged Seals And Gaskets 3

damaged Seals And Gaskets 4

damaged Seals And Gaskets 5

damaged Seals And Gaskets 6



Blocked or broken window vents stop natural ventilation and fresh air from circulating around your home. Trickle vents allow you to keep your windows closed while still allowing a small flow of fresh air. Damaged vents restrict this natural flow of air in your home and can contribute to condensation on your windows. In the long term this can lead to glass units failing (misty and foggy) and creates mould spores on gaskets and seals.

We recommend and fit replacement or upgraded vents. Built in vents are cleaned as part of our refurbishment process.

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Ruined window vents 1

Ruined window vents 2

Ruined window vents 3

Ruined window vents 4

Ruined window vents 5

Ruined window vents 6






Unlike other double glazing companies, we won't pressure you to replace your door and window units. We help you save money by refurbishing your windows or doors.


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